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Jungle rain has no beginning or end; it grows like foliage from the sky, branching and arching to the earth, sometimes in solid thickets entangling the islands, and other times, in tendrils of blue mist curling out of coastal clouds. The jungle breaths an eternal green that fevers men and elates beasts.

Who We Are

We are an energetic, creative group of ex-ad agency Animals. The creative jungle ensured that our paths crossed again, and An Animal was born. We have built our company on the values of delivering strategically based creative solutions, that are cost effective for our clients.

If you want great value for money, an exceptional, personalised creative experience, with a marketing team who get you and will go the extra mile for your success, then let us unleash your businesses’ potential and track down your targets together.

We’re An Animal.
Welcome to the Jungle.

What We Do

Creative, Strategically Based Marketing

Digital Marketing

Branding & Visual Identity

Graphic Design

Production & Motion

Web & App Development

Consistent Excellence

Our marketing solutions are based on the principal that “Emotion is Recognition”. We believe that if a brand can attach emotion to offerings, the consumer will attach recognition.

Welcome to the jungle

Brands we’ve worked with

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AN ANIMAL Client Logos Full ON Fish

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